2 players?

#1Lord_MarcosPosted 7/26/2009 5:58:49 PM
can i play with my brother this game? (2 player coop i mean)
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#2nick912012Posted 7/26/2009 7:03:28 PM
You can actually get 3 player co-op. You need to get the other party members and have your brother hit start on the second controller.

To get a third player, you'd need to buy a multitap and have the third person just hit start on the third controller.
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#3HegemonKhanPosted 7/28/2009 3:16:51 PM
it just takes a little while to receive your 2nd and 3rd characters, so your friends or siblings (or you) have to wait a bit until you do, but than they can play it with you.