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trying to get a perfect file. please look (Archived)unknownleon78/29 4:58PM
Is Kitsune the heroine of this game? (Archived)Mecha_Kraken48/6 5:31PM
Loved this game back in the day (Archived)BUMPED200246/30 7:39PM
complete list (Archived)unknownleon14/29 8:18AM
complete list of weapons, armors, items and keywords at the end of the game??? (Archived)unknownleon14/12 7:19AM
unknown npc text string gorgax. (Archived)IKE2317/14/2014
Akimi's Number part 2 (Archived)GanonTEK27/8/2014
I found the Mobile DGC Portable Phone... (Debug Room) (Archived)krazyninjaman366/2/2014
Akimi's number (Archived)Dinkybarrel25/31/2014
Anyone else played a self-imposed challenge in this game? (Archived)Seibaby264/22/2014
At what point in the game do you hire each runner? (Archived)Redmage198784/14/2014
Has anybody ever posted or seen this gem? (Archived)ILuvcknfdstk74/11/2014
just a random thought on jetboy (Archived)mooreandrew5864/9/2014
Viewable Maps of all of The Matrix nodes in the entire SNES game. (Archived)Vegetaman74/9/2014
map data unused rooms? (Archived)IKE2322/7/2014
infinite money trick (Archived)unknownleon612/28/2013
Possible hidden room/easter egg? (Archived)
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All of the little "fluff" live cutscenes that occur while downtown. (Archived)Vegetaman111/4/2013
Beat the game by skipping Rat Shaman / Dark Blade / Bremerton? *SPOILERS* (Archived)Vegetaman310/31/2013
Best version to play and fan patch questions (Archived)Banjo_oz310/5/2013
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