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7 years ago#1
My entourage must claim this board as our secret hangout. The safest place on gamefaqs for our kind. Fans of this obscure classic may interact with my kind as they please but do not attempt to steal our secrets! That is all, for now...
7 years ago#2
Smartball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you like jellybeans kittypuppy?
Oh, look, what similar names we have. How IRONICALLY ODD. :p
The Super Slimy Starfish
7 years ago#3
Secret of mana is really awesome. Let's play it again sometime soon.
7 years ago#4
Can we get pizza again with THREE dipping sauces for meeeee? :D

I'm getting so good with my bow&arrow!!!!!!!!
The Super Slimy Starfish
7 years ago#5
Wake up kittypuppy :p
7 years ago#6
I'm awake. Don't worry. Still sick of pizza pizza teddy grahams?
7 years ago#7
lets cuddle :p
7 years ago#8
So let's talk about Smart Ball a little. I think the use of a Ball was very Smart in it. And the way the Action mixed with Adventure in the genre was a breath of fresh air. Jerry is a very sympathetic character, I think we can all appreciate the symbolism of his transformation into a blob because of his jealous brother. Which we all relate to our own afflictions and the metamorphasis during our tribulations, truly we can see the blobs we are all at some point in life. Very touching. The core gameplay could just easily be considered a psychological tool of self-exploration and a means of fighting back against our afflictions internally. 100/10. Smart Ball for president.
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