I found Peach's porn. (Japanese version only)

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8 years ago#11
I always assumed it was a..........I'll just say light saber like everyone else......

I love how there are mature jokes like these in the Mario RPGs. The thing is they are really only mature if you look at them that way, because it is only up to the imagination.

This and the 'tape delivery' mission from PM are good examples.
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8 years ago#12
seems like guywholikescake is the real troll on this topic
8 years ago#13
If you see me reach for my sword and look at you, by all means, run, it won't do you any good.
8 years ago#14
Yeah... maybe you should lay off the drugs and go back to school.

This is what he meant.
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I'm so awesome I can do that.
8 years ago#15
Now to get back on topic...

It really is unclear on what it could be, and some of you did bring up a good point. Either way, Peach OBVIOUSLY doesn't want anyone seeing it, based on what she says after she joins the party and you look there.

"Don't go looking around in other people's rooms like that!" or something like that.

Die! Stupid birds!
8 years ago#16
seeing as how mario isnt that adult of a game i doubt they would be talking about her "light saber" or even porn.

I always thought it was just like a bra or something. Have you ever been in a girls room and just happen to see some kind of undergarment? they are quite embarrassed by it and i always thought thats what it was.

I think you guys just want it to be porn.lol
8 years ago#17
Still...you never know.
Die! Stupid birds!
8 years ago#18
I always thought it was her underwear! And you know what, think of this- in FF7 (A game ALSO made by Squaresoft (duh)) you search Tifa's drawers and find her Orthopedic Underwear... maybe someone should look up one of the scripters and drop him a line!

Lol, lightsaber... come on, don't you know that's built into her parasol (like she'd leave the castle without it on a long journey!) Man I've said enough now.
8 years ago#19
It could be underwear. Like I said, it's very vague and confusing. It would be easier to ask them.

Yes, Turtle Face, you have said too much.
Die! Stupid birds!
8 years ago#20
Welcome to the internet, where men are men, women are men, and children are FBI agents.
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