Ghost Medal

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8 years ago#1
What exacly does this do? While we're at it what does the Quartz Charm do?
8 years ago#2
The Ghost Medal boosts Defense at the start of the battle as if you received a Defense Up! Flower from an enemy.

The Quartz Charm boosts Attack and Defense at the start of the battle as if you received a timed Geno Boost.

Keep in mind that neither boost shows up on equipment or status screens, but they are there, and also keep in mind that both boosts are eliminated from a Shredder spell.
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8 years ago#3
Do other accecories provide these boosts?
8 years ago#4
The Troopa Pin, in addition to +20 Speed, provides an offensive boost (all attacks hit 50% harder).

The Quartz Charm, Troopa Pin, and Ghost Medal are the *only* accessories that provide boosts.
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