Lucky Jewel

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7 years ago#1
It's been a few years since I last beat this game, and I'm up to the point of getting this item. My question is, does it ever run out? I really can't remember if it does or not o-o
7 years ago#2
It does not.
It's so delicious.
7 years ago#3
it runs out after about 10 uses.
IQ is overrated.. go for max HP instead. >_> ~Ice3090
7 years ago#4
Thanks now I won't have to worry about using it, just spent 800 coins. Broke Mario </3

I'm also surprised at how fast I got a response o.0 I know this game is still one of the best ever, but..yeah :s
7 years ago#5
Uh, wait, what? Never or 10 uses? o-o
7 years ago#6
I've used mine more than 10 times and it hasn't run out on me. Pretty sure it's unlimited.
It's so delicious.
7 years ago#7
Well alright then, thanks.
7 years ago#8
Okay, it ran out >__>

Abused it in ghost ship :3 108exp per battle for mario <3
7 years ago#9
No, the Lucky Jewel is DEFINITELY 10 uses max.
18-Time G.T.P.W. World Heavyweight Champion
7 years ago#10
Mine hasn't run out. <_<

It's so delicious.

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