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6 years ago#1
just beat him. what FF he from?
6 years ago#2

*jumps in the lake*
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6 years ago#3
6 years ago#4
*jumps off 20m diving board into lake*
6 years ago#5
Culex is in Final Fantasy 2039.

..........and if you fell for that, I'll save you the trouble. HE'S NOT FROM ANY FINAL FANTASY!!!!!! He's a joke character because square-enix (FF makers) helped make this game.
6 years ago#6

Culex isn't from FF3.
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6 years ago#7
The music was a remixed version of Final Fantasy IV's boss theme. Culex himself is not from any Final Fantasy game. However, one could say that the other targets were adopted from a boss fight in Final Fantasy V that involves battling four elemental crystals.
6 years ago#8
Oh, it's this topic again.
6 years ago#9
*Jumps into the lake*
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