Weird freeze involving Johnny.

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3 years ago#1
Not sure if this is old news, but at least on a personal level, I've found a new one to add to the Mute and Torte/Apprentice kill freezes. Unlike those two (what with the rarity of 6 enemy-strong mobs and the circuitous nature of setting up a Torte/Apprentice kill) I could feasibly see a player happening by this by chance, so I'm somewhat surprised I've never seen it mentioned. Although I'm sure I'm not the first to find it.

If you use Yoshi Cookies on Johnny's crew, and go about the fight the usual way until Johnny initiates his one-on-one with Mario, the dialogue will only get through Johnny's first two lines, and then the battle will lock itself. If I had to guess, I'd say it's for the same reasons as Bundt's lock concerning Torte and Apprentice, where neither unit is present to trigger whatever script continues the battle (apropos about nothing, there's some pretty spiffy oddities on when the game locks if you kill one, but not the other). I'm made more confident in this by the fact that if you leave one of the four Bandana Blues, and you kill it normally, only one will show up as the 'backup' in the one-on-one, as opposed to two.

Here's a video:

This is probably interesting to no one, but I thought it was cool when I stumbled across it.
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3 years ago#2
I found this interesting. Looked at the script for Johnny's battle and it will wait for 1 enemy left before running the Mario 1-on-1 script to happen (the 1 enemy left being Johnny) and the even should have occurred since all the bandits were gone.

I'm guessing that using a Yoshi Cookie removes an enemy from the battle rather then the gaming having the enemy defeated. So my guess is that the game just kind of errors itself out or something...idk lol.

Though I'm interested in that Torte/Apprentice thing you were talking about.

I wish I could test out that Yoshi Cookie thing more but the other battles I could think of where it waits for 1 target left (Hammer Bros, Domino & sumtin) but Yoshi Cookie's won't eat them.
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3 years ago#3
The Torte/Apprentice lock involves abusing a property of Mario's 'Ultra' specials that allows them to hurt ordinarily invulnerable enemies. If you target a vulnerable enemy with Ultra Jump or Flame, any indirect hits to invulnerable targets will tally 1 point of damage (after an initial hit). This works not only for enemies immune to Flame and Jump but also ones who are set to receive 0 damage from all attacks. Since the Torte monsters have 100 HP, you need to target Bundt with Ultra Flame, as he's immune to Flame, and have a bucket of Syrups to get anywhere. When you wind up killing either Torte enemy (or both at once), then damage Bundt enough to initiate the usual dialogue sequence between parties, the battle will lock at various points during the dialogue depending on the combination of who's dead and who's not.
Your actions have meaning only if they hold true to your ideals.- Ramza Beoulve
3 years ago#4
Whoaaaa I've never heard of that glitch! That's pretty awesome. Can this apply to other bosses? Like maybe Exor?
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