How long did it take you to figure out

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User Info: Master75

8 years ago#1


that you need to power bomb the glass tube? I know it's vague... but it's the water part of miridia.

anyways, it took me a good two hours and looking at the map... i feel foolish
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User Info: noneshallpass

8 years ago#2
It took me a long long time. I believe years of not playing it for months and then finally going back to it and exploring, getting frustrated and putting it down for a few more months.

Then one day I was playing it with a friend of mine that loved the game like I did. I had narrowed it down to the small section of Meridia that you can explore, and finally put together the glass tube and the shattered one in a corridor near it.

"Wait...if that one is broken, then maybe..."
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User Info: kirbymuncher

8 years ago#3
I knew it before I even had power bombs, because I had played metroid prime. There's a similar tube before you get the ice spreader.
So what happens after FE10?
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User Info: Master75

8 years ago#4
^yes, but in metroid prime, there's a scan vision to help you figure it out.
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User Info: videogamer1030

8 years ago#5
Not long at all because I had played Prime 2 beforehand.

User Info: yellowshinygold

8 years ago#6
the glass tube is something a gamer has inside,and actually Metroid Zero Mission has a glass to be broken by the power bomb.

actually i started using Super missiles to see if it was like that,but then i used the power bomb.

User Info: Master75

8 years ago#7
Assuming one had never played the other metroid games before, could you see how it may seem difficult?
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User Info: Black_Mage_Nuke

8 years ago#8
When I got the Power Bombs. When I saw the glass tube, I did everything I could to break it, because I believed it could be broken.
Upon gaining new weaponry, I'd try it on the tube, even if it didn't make sense.
When I eventually got the Power Bombs (And tried one out.), I figured that if they couldn't do it, nothing would.
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User Info: BiscuitThi3f

8 years ago#9
I'd always known it. I saw my dad do it when I was like four. *Laughs*

No idea how long it took him, though.
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User Info: stevegauch

8 years ago#10
heres a good question:
when you did powerbomb the tube, did you have the gravity suit, and if not, how long did you take trying to get back out of the room [assuming you were in the middle of the tube of course]?
I remember flying all around but never far enough up. too at least 15 minutes, maybe a half hour the first time XD
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