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5 years ago#1
Thanks for the release. Been following this one for a while and I'm glad for the release. Hard work greatly appreciated.
5 years ago#2

Go play Tactics Ogre in English. Then in Al Bhed, for fun. Then in English again.
5 years ago#3
Just started playing it ... is it just me or ... the SNES version is slightly faster than the PSX one?
5 years ago#4
" ... is it just me or ... the SNES version is slightly faster than the PSX one?"

Yeah! An older system faster than the new one, go figure! ^_^ (I love both anyway...)

A thousand thanks for your hard work Aeon Genesis. You're great people.
- Trust No One!!
- Peace & Food!!
5 years ago#5
For anyone who's playing the rom, is it just my rom dump or does the game bug when you try to switch weapons/magic? I get a black screen whenever I try to change them.
The Grizzor "... and this is why crack is illegal"
5 years ago#6
Mine is doing the same thing. I knew this was too good to be true. :(
5 years ago#7
You guys are probably using the ZSNES emulator, right? I did too at first, and got the black screens.

Try using BSNES, that one works perfectly.
May the Giant be with you.
5 years ago#8
Thanks, it plays much better too.
5 years ago#9
Yeah I'm using SNES9X and it works fine. I forgot that ZSNES has issues with patched games
The Grizzor "... and this is why crack is illegal"
5 years ago#10
It's kind of a letdown not being able to use ZSNES for this game (I use that one mostly).

I've got a few question though:
1. How do you fast forward in BSNES? Just like the one in SNES9X and ZSNES, I tried "speed up" button but it isn't the same. Sure the game becomes faster but very little difference I think. Is there a way to control this?

2. Any noticable difference with the PS version? Cause I have to say that this is pretty buggy (SNES9X have a lot of graphical glitch too (minor)). Otherwise I might as well stick with the PS ver (thought that SNES version would be much practical to play).

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