So i was against Bowser today

#1jupiterbladePosted 1/25/2011 3:18:44 PM
I was playing through Super Hard after nostalgia hit me like a brick to the face today and after using a substantial amount of Continues I was against Bowser. And Bowser is all like, "sup, 7x chain"
And I was like, well crap.
And then Bowser was like, 7x chain again.
And I was all like, not this crap again.
And Bowser was all like, 7x chain again.
So I was all like, wtf, and I started clearing some stuff.
And as I'm doing that, Bowser's stack hits the top and he loses
and I was like, "that is soooo Bowser."
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Don't worry, I'm a professional. "jupiterblade was killed by a P90"