Tetris Attack Online (:

#1PlasmaMykePosted 6/10/2011 1:14:24 PM
Hey everyone. I'm new to this whole online thing and i'm not too sure how it works, but I'd like to play with anyone online. Preferably experts, but i'm open to anyone.

I have Zbattle version 1.09 SR-1 Beta and ZSNES version 1.51. Not sure how to check Tetris Attack version. It just says 'Tetris Attack.smc

I've never done this before so I may need help setting up. If there are alternative/better ways to set up online, I'm open to suggestions.

MSN me at mychalarchibald@msn.com, but please type 'Tetris Attack' or 'GameFaqs' when messaging me or I might not respond. or you could e-mail me at mychala@sbcglobal.net.