Tetris Attack Vids - records, tutorials, advice?

#1BountyHunterSAxPosted 9/19/2012 5:13:38 AM
So I'm a *damn* good TA player. I recently picked the game up again and in my first game back maxed out endless mode score counter in ~11:00. I then went on to do it in under ten and finally under 8. of course, my old record is under 6, so I'm still trying to build back my skills.

I'm able to do a 13x chain roughly once a minute on average, though at times I've done better. My max time-trial score is in the high 40k's; I forget how high.

Anyway, I say all this just as background. I'm working on adding Tetris Attack to the vids on my youtube channel (what I've got so far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqkJIALRwzU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5OwrDsLaA4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk966HZebvo).

I'm hoping to advance this to a full on series of vids (like I did for other games) but I'm really not sure what exactly to teach/show-off and am looking for advice. Would be very curious as to your opinion for which direction I should take this and what to do.

And of course, please do enjoy the vids :)

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Starting watching and then wondered why it was so slow, then realized you're doing easy mode.

I'm pretty strictly a normal speed player, and never like cutting off the sixth tile (2P time trial). I dislike Easy because it's more about setup, and Hard doesn't allow for setting up and skill tricking at the same time. Normal is the best speed in my opinion.

Did a few 99999 runs on easy mode since people were racing PokePL to 100k on easy mode there. 6-9 minutes were common. I've never really done Easy Time Trial. My best time trial on normal is 37038. Would probably get 50k on easy time trial pretty easily once I got back into practice.

I'm certainly a good TA player, but I definitely could get better. There are better players out there.

And just looking at your game, you need to get a bit faster with the cursor, and you could definitely stand to pay attention to premature poppage and avoid breaking chains. Otherwise, your vision and decision making look to be a bit better than mine, though when I'm on my game, I find stuff not on the bottom row or bordering the breaking blocks more frequently.
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I'm pretty good as well, I distinctly remember my time trial high score being 37369. Haven't played it in a while though.
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My latest vid is of a 47108 score run on Time Trial mode. I'm fairly sure it's my best score to date, though I'd need to 2x check my other computer to confirm. Certainly among my best, and it's great to actually have it recorded.

I'll be honest; the idea of playing it on a higher speed setting never really occurred to me. It'd probably take ages to undo all the training I have on the speed setting I usually play on and get back to chaining at that speed again; although the speed boost would undeniably help in getting a higher max score.