Anyone here who likes Wicked play this? Did Wicked ruin this storyline for you?

#1LarissaTheZoraPosted 12/28/2008 6:53:07 PM
LOL I love Wicked so this game actually ain't so bad, cuz there's more to it because of Wicked.
I mean, I'm just curious, how do munchkins climb up trees to get into their houses? They can't jump THAT high, at least, not the dwarf that I go to school with lol. Now maybe Boq because he's half munchkin, but still, it makes no sense.
And why ain't we in the Land of the Winkies? I'd rather be there.
Did Wicked kind of ruin the storyline for you though? Because of all of that? It didn't really ruin it for me, but I mean, parts of it made no sense even without Wicked.
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