Best game ever !!

#1tidusx21Posted 5/23/2009 10:42:32 AM
This game is truly AMAZING. Not having a turbo graphics 16 back in the day all i could do is wish i could get my hands on this game and realy give it a good playthrough.

Now since the wii has it available for download and i was able to download it via the wii store online, i truly believe i could die a happy man. (with huge smile on my face)

just controlling that little big headed bundle of greatness almost brings tears to my eyes everytime i play. ; ;
#2HAWK327Posted 5/23/2009 10:53:30 AM
Yeah I agree Bonk's adventure was an amazing game and ahead of its time. I just bought it today and its still good.

I feel bad that most of the kids on here won't appreciate a great game like this. Turbo graphics 16 wasn't the best system but Bonk's Adventure is a must play for any long time video game fan.

Looks like you and me Rag claim these boards

Long live Bonk's Adventure. He is a jar of baldheaded greatness. That didn't sound right.
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