GOG and circle of eight mods...

#1equilibrate609Posted 10/26/2010 6:37:13 AM
Does anyone know how to do it?
#2equilibrate609(Topic Creator)Posted 10/26/2010 10:11:01 AM
what I mean is, does anyone know how to apply the mods to the GOG version of the game?
#3monkeyfetusPosted 11/4/2010 3:20:47 AM
I tried a lot of things and was unable to.
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#4SungreyPosted 11/7/2010 8:13:18 AM
This might have already been done but if you are using Vista did you turn off UAC?
#5ZoinkerPosted 11/10/2010 6:27:27 PM
I think the problem is that the coe mods can't be installed if the game has official patch 3 installed, which the gog version has.
#6zidanewatPosted 11/22/2010 11:43:21 AM
It looks like people at GoG are getting the mod working without too many problems.