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User Info: mitsoulas

9 years ago#1

i istall the rtw, then i install the patch v1,3, v1.5, then total realism, then cracked the game and when i start it it said not file found... and puts me out of the game. what iv done wrong? i was playing for all the time the medieval 2 but now i saw that the total realism is awesome, new greek units!!! plz help


User Info: danwilkins

9 years ago#2
Cracked the game? Hopefully you don't mean you got this game off a torrent. Can't ever remember the RTR mod needing a crack. &
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User Info: ikancu

9 years ago#3
I have the Gold Edition (already patched up to v1.5) and it requires the CD to run. I downloaded a crack for it, but I haven't installed any mods yet so I don't know if that is the problem.

Try putting the original executable back and see if it will run with the CD/DVD in the drive. You might also try downloading the crack from a different place. Maybe it was a bad executable.
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