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User Info: Robertoey

9 years ago#1
Curious, is this still worth buying if I already own Medieval 2: Total War?

User Info: Deaconi

9 years ago#2
I'd say so yes. I always seem to come back to this game. It has some sort of hold over me I can't quite describe haha.
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User Info: whatthehell

9 years ago#3
Yes. EB (Europa Barbararorum) is, in my opinion, a spectacular mod. I am stuck playing that. And I have M2 as well.
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User Info: TheLunaDivider

9 years ago#4

Well, you're asking a RTW forum whether you play RTW...

If you're already used to Med2, then I think it'll be hard to go back to the graphically inferior units of RTW. But EB is a great mod.

User Info: TheLastAvatar05

9 years ago#5
Agreed, once I started playing Medieval Total War 2, I could never have the heart to play Rome again as much as I did before. EB really wasn't my cup of tea to be honest.
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User Info: C3rno

9 years ago#6
Definitely worth buying. From what I hear, you can get the Gold Edition for only 20 bucks these days. I have both Rome and Medieval II and I find myself coming back to this more often due to Europa Barbarorum. I've probably played this game more than any other PC game out there.

User Info: narfman562001

9 years ago#7
It's 20 bucks for Gold edition on Steam but I reccomend buying a hard copy because it will probably be easier to install and use mods.

And yes, worth buying.
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User Info: Robertoey

9 years ago#8

Thanks everyone.

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