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9 years ago#1
ok every time i play abattle plays fine for a bit then freezes and the sound starts to stutter for ages and some times works after but not usually then it mocks me by letting the music on for a bit give me some hope that i can countinue the battle but gose back to windows xp wich i then have to restart the computer as its says rome: total war failed to find directx 9, which is required for the game to run pleasse reinstall directx. and i cant play any other games either so i need help please
9 years ago#2
I'm guessing your problem is because you don't have directx. It says so in the message that you obtained. So go install it. Most all games these days have directx as a setup function. You should've chose to install it when you installed this and other games if you have not already. If you have directx 9c already then... maybe update your sound card drivers.
8 years ago#3
no this happens after the crash and i have oblovian running fine on high graphs
8 years ago#4
You just said no other games work either, so how can Oblivion be working on high graphics?

Either way, I suggest updating your drivers for your graphics card and possibility reinstalling directx 9.
8 years ago#5
yes they dont work after the crash so if i dont play on rome total war i can play any game wenever
8 years ago#6
Well, try reinstalling RTW then.

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