Cannot play online, tried everything

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8 years ago#1
I cannotplay online no matter what, my firewall and internet modem/router network everything, I checked them and they are fine, I used to be able to play online a few years back, then i stopped playing, and now I'm playing again and cant play online.
I can connect ot he lobbies, chat even, but when I try to host a game no one can join and when I try to join a game, it always says no response from host or failed to join game or failed to join game (gs)

please help
8 years ago#2

I think i know wwhat is your problem maybe you have to update your game to 1.5 then you can play online i did it to.

when you go to options then you see to the right ver. and the 1.1 1.2 1.3 or 1.5 take a look.


You Want War I Give You War !!!!!

8 years ago#3
yes I updated :(
trust me
8 years ago#4
help please :(
8 years ago#5
On the multiplayer screen hit the change CD key button and type in your key with hyphens and everything and make it look exactly the same. If this doesn't work I don't know what to tell you bud. Too bad if it doesn't, I bet you'd be pretty good online
8 years ago#6
I played Rome Total War for years, constantly getting booted off or disconnected, i tried to get people to hurry and build their armies before i was kicked, i could never figure out why i couldnt play online, most of the time i couldnt get on at all, then i tried something one day that worked...its your router... you need to directly hook your dsl to your computer, not through the router, for some reason playing on a router messes up the whole thing, same way on AVP2 cant host your own server if ur on a router, so try that
8 years ago#7
thanks, will try! :D
anything's worth a shot at this stage, and I'll report back..
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