can't uninstall RTR oh noes!

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7 years ago#1
I am trying to uninstall RTR so I can play RTW online but I can't, when I click on uninstall I get the following message:

Setup.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience

so I tried to put in the RTW disk and install it again but the install option was greyed out

so I amde a system restore point and deleted the folder, the desktop icons and the start menu shortcut and tried to install it again but the install tab is still greyed out

so I used my system restore but am back to square one, how do I uninstall RTR or revert it back to RTW so I can play online?
7 years ago#2
This might help:
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7 years ago#3
ok, I tried this but I had to leave for college just after I was done, I have followed every step but haven't tried to install RTW again yet which I will do tonight

one thing I noticed was that a few times it asked me to delete some registries and folders whose names consisted of numbers and letters e.g. {BB6y-fg65-dtr4} e.t.c. but I never found any that matched them, there were plenty that didn't match them though, what if the ones I was supposed to delete looked different on my version?
7 years ago#4
They shouldn't look differently. If they're not there then they're not there and hopefully it will work regardless.

And if the game still thinks it's installed already then try searching the contents of your RTW disc for a file named setup.exe and run that file. It's the installation setup executable and it doesn't check if the game is installed already. This means that if you've deleted the data-folder in your original RTW directory then all traces of RTR should be gone, and you should pretty much be able to just install to the same directory and have vanilla RTW work after that. All relevant files *should* be overwritten by the install. I reckon it's worth a shot, at least.

This time, before you start modding your game, you might want to make a backup of your data directory. It's fairly simple, too. Mark the folder "data", press ctrl + c, press ctrl + v, wait a little while, and you're done. You could rename the copy of data folder to something sensible, if you feel like it, but the important bit is that you now have the option of deleting all files and starting over without having to bother with the installation program.

Of course, unless you're planning to use legacy mods, you might want to patch up before making your backup.
You are as full of it as you are hollow! - Entropy
7 years ago#5
yay it worked! thanks!
7 years ago#6
No problem at all.
You are as full of it as you are hollow! - Entropy
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