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User Info: Ice_Cold1313

7 years ago#1
I'm thinking about grabbing a mod again and I was thinking about this one (I have played RTR and EB before). Can anyone give me a brief outline of what makes this mod different as well as some pros and cons? Also does it decrease the performance of the game like I found EB had done when I had it installed a while back?

Also if someone could give me a direct link to somewhere I could download it that would be cool, but that's not absolutely necessary, I'm just asking because I'm lazy lol.

User Info: ChaosArbiter

7 years ago#2
I've never played SPQR, so don't take my word as gospel - I'm getting them secondhand:

Should take you to post 3, which has download links.

SPQR is designed specifically for the player to be the Romans. Zero-turn Recruitment is on, so it's possible to recruit multiple units in one turn - this goes for the player and (much more importantly) for the AI. SPQR has a script, apparently similar to the one for EB in that it needs to be activated each time - two things that were noted in a 'help guide' is a 4-turn year and a 'Spawn Garrison' script that creates a full stack inside a city you besiege. Supposedly the battles actually require tactical skill as well, although I'm not sure how it's applied in-game statwise. Legion units seem to be 'numbered' somehow, although again I'm not sure how it works.

SPQR does require a clean install of Rome v 1.5 - unlike EB, it modifies certain game files and makes it incompatible with other mods.
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