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StickyFAQ - Read Before Asking Questions (Sticky)
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salty531421/11 2:35PM
Gamma's theme.. (Archived)YukiStafy15/20 8:04PM
Final Egg Password (Archived)R_O_B_Sentry15/13 4:00PM
Just ordered this for $10.50 shipped! A welcome addition to my Sonic collection. (Archived)NewportBox100s55/10 7:54AM
First Playthrough, just finished. (Archived)TriforceofPlot51/15 1:46PM
Chao Raising Blog (Archived)Transdude105/14/2014
Help with an annoying level. (Archived)PinkyParty28/14/2013
Looking for an Unlock everything AR Code! (Archived)SaintRaven357116/5/2013
I though I would never see the day when I Say. (Archived)LotoPhoenixLord24/8/2013
Sonic tunes on guitar (Archived)zimbolambo12/23/2013
Glitch? (Archived)Portalofpikmin5312/7/2012
Where did the backdrops in Twinkle Park come from? (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz111/22/2012
Whats better this or Sonic adventure 2 battle? (Archived)itsclancy2ya51/28/2012
Suggestions for a Chronological Walkthrough (DX version) (Archived)ChronoCactaur31/17/2012
question about casinopolis! (Archived)yell221/7/2012
Any tips for big as i suck at the fishing. (Archived)spikethedevil212/19/2011
Amy twinkle park cutscene not starting... (Archived)spikethedevil212/17/2011
Help please (Archived)Ambassador_Kong212/8/2011
How do you get your chao to wear a hat in this game? (Archived)slizedew111/22/2011
hmmm.... (Archived)trenzer1711/11/2011
Mission 53 (Archived)Uniswift87210/10/2011
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