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Does anybody else wonder why Larry Zbyszko was featured in Showdown as a commentator, but not as a playable wrestler?? I mean, he is a legend of wrestling. Just seems a bit odd to me...
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Who wants to play or face a wrestler who leaves the ring at least 10 times a match for about 10 minutes a whack. He was the human rain delay
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Yea, it's a little strange. I would say it has something to do with the fact that he is a commentator in the game, but Bobby Heenan is a wrestler and commentator, so that wouldn't make any sense.

But since I don't like Zbysko anyway, it doesn't bother me.
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"He was the human rain delay."


is this true?
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Yes when he was a heel it was terrible. if he got hip tossed or arm dragged he would roll out of the ring yell at the fans come back in just before he got counted out and roll back out again to continue yelling at the fans.
" That was a priceless Steinway!" "Not anymore "
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I find that Larry's stalling was pretty entertaining actually. It kinda annoyed me at first, but it grew on me. He once said in an interview that the longest he ever stalled for was (i believe) 16 minutes. I don't think his stalling was really a bad thing either, because it got the fans all riled up and agitated with him. Part of being a good heel is being able to attract heat from the fans, which is exactly what his stalling was meant for and certainly accomplished. And of course, Larry was one of the best heels in the wrestling business in the 80's & early 90's.
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