I truly enjoy this game, even 6 years after its release

#1tmacbookingPosted 8/8/2010 8:06:25 AM
I can honestly say its still my favorite wrestling game. the Survivor Series matches make this game totally replayable on every level. you can do wwf vs. nwa, nwo vs. wcw, heels of the 80's vs. babies of the 80's. i mean era wars, anything you want.

the cage match is done very well. infact ALL the match types are good. the occasional glitch isnt a big deal to me, and i truly know hands down this is the best commentary ever in a wrestling game. I hear something new EVERY time i play. yes, i hear the same things over and over, BUT if you listen, you'll hear these random things...

yesterday, Backlund vs. Superstar Billy Grahm

Tony Schavone: "Bob backlund was one feared man, before announcing his candidacy for the presidency of the united states."

Bobby Heenan: "Just like Hilary Clinton"

i mean, dude, seriously? Hilary had JUST started talkin about running for president in that era..and they got it into the game, years before she ran. Hilarious.

another great one.

Bobby Heenan: "Jake Roberts had his demons..but come on jake, time to get it together. seriously buddy, exercise those demons. hell, how about just exercise?"