Share your Favorite Quotes From The Commentary

#1tmacbookingPosted 8/8/2010 7:13:29 AM
Yes, we all hear the "gas tank is around the E " remark again and again, "tony, i think even YOU could finish him off." but to this day, each time i play, i hear something new.. some random, sometimes strange, almost always hilarious quip, usually from heenan, that id never heard before.

heard this one:

Tony Schavone: "Bob Backlund was one feared man, before announcing his candidacy for the presidency of the United states"

Bobby Heenan: (dryly i might add) "just like hilary clinton."

LOL he called hillary a man!

another great one was when bobby heenan just starts cracking up, i mean laughing HYSTERICALLY, if you've heard it, you'd know it. Even Schavone seems to be laughing as he's discouraging heenan. Heenans laughing cause of what Savage did to Steamboat with the ring bell. As he's describing it, he's uncontrollably laughing like a real maniac and asking schavone "do you remember that?" Schavone loses it, starts laughin in mid sentence as he says.."yeah but i didn't (starts trying not to laugh) think it was quite as funny as you apparently do." It was a great moment where you know they were ad libbing and they left it in.

there are so many great lines in this game, the commentary is the best ever. for every "Repeated line" i hear, i hear a new one every day i play that makes it worth it. and these gems are so rare, if i heard THEM every day, i'd still play.

so share yours:)