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dang it!MakoEnergy777789/22 5:59PM
Devil soul crashing my game (Archived)beavcoonBeliv17/14 12:34PM
Should I buy this or Golden Sun 1 and 2 (Archived)Idiots27/3 4:54AM
Impressions after just beating the game (Spoilers) (Archived)kdogg207776/14 4:06PM
Spiritual Successor to Metroivania games announced by creator of Metroidvania (Archived)saint3556/14 12:02PM
Are there any drops that absolutely *NEED* the Rare Ring / Chaos Ring? (Archived)saccharoseheart26/10 2:58PM
WiiU VC the game now freeze everytime, everywhere. :-( (Archived)MattyXB76/8 9:40PM
GameCritics is so dumb in its 7/10 review of Aria of Sorrow (Archived)slk_2336/4 11:44AM
Red Minotaur will NOT drop its soul (Archived)king_gimpy46/2 2:59AM
How do you know you need to equip certain souls for the final battle? SPOILERS (Archived)GuiltyCrown63/24 11:09PM
A bit of disappointment with this game... (Archived)HHHistheMAN63/22 3:44PM
Peeping Eye soul help? (Archived)KhajiitBlood23/18 7:09AM
Question about the metroidvania games that has you play as a belmont. (Archived)Snorchachew12343/10 11:35AM
Just beat the game, now I just need to get 100% map completion! (Archived)Snorchachew12363/9 4:17PM
Did i miss something? (Spoilers) (Archived)Snorchachew12353/8 8:56AM
Curly soul not working? (Archived)Nes_Mettaur32/7 7:17AM
Aria of Sorrow releases on Wii U VC 10/6 (Archived)knightmere122912/13 3:37PM
Map percentage increases Julius's stats? (Archived)deadcarno312/3 12:19AM
Aria of Sorrow stream! (Archived)Sweet Monkey Luv211/4 1:35PM
Julius mode challenge (Archived)icevenant210/28 1:06AM
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