What race's hero trio is the strongest?

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6 years ago#1
Two match set-ups, limited only to the heroes of each race.

1) What lvl 10 hero trio is the strongest in a race vs. race match-up?

2) What lvl 1 hero trio is the strongest?

IMHO, I think:

1) Human (AM+MK+Pala combo defensively, BM+MK+Pala Offensively).

2) Night elves (DH+KotG+PotM. I think mana burn is the best low lvl skill vs heroes, plus you have entangle to disarm them and snipe them with the PotM).
6 years ago#2
ultimately, the strongest tri-hero is still arguably hu. the longer the pitched battle becomes (and between pro's, it can go on for quite a bit), the better off hu are, because am brilliance aura lets mk and pally spam their abilities, whereas enemy heroes will have to begin to ration spells. the trick is the am is very hard to kill while the pally is still alive, and the pally is hard to kill with that shield always on, and he'll always have mana for it.

with more modern usage, the am can be switched out for the bm, and just use siphon mana to keep pally/mk going mana wise. ultimately, am is probably more useful because he is faster by default (i believe), and 3 level 3 water elementals will help keep enemy heroes out of his hair, and are difficult to otherwise ignore, and killing them doesn't do any good (as they are maxed out already).

oddly, the weakest tri-hero, by a very large margin, is nelf. without on demand healing, the caster/support type hero (kotg/potm) just fall very quickly to nukes.
6 years ago#3
>>>without on demand healing, the caster/support type hero (kotg/potm) just fall very quickly to nukes.

Not to mention the sharp katana of a certain agility hero who shall remain nameless
6 years ago#4
Well the way I was intending for the Blood mage to be used is to banish -> bolt + flame strike (or add a holy light if the target is undead) for some good nuke damage. Then use the siphon mana on the helpless target. Hell, he can perma banish the entire enemy trio while siphoning mana and having the Phoenix sniping them. This is for the matchups where you might benefit from taking your enemy targets out quickly (such as the DK before he can heal his undead buddies), but AM is better for outlasting the enemy.

You guys still haven't discussed the low lvl hero matchup!
6 years ago#5
I'm pretty new to this game, so I don't know much, but it seems like defensively speaking, the Crypt Lord, Dread Lord, and Lich could fare pretty well aa a low level trio. The Lich can buff up the DL's armor with frost armor. With the DL's aura and the CL's spiked carapace, I think they could hold their own.
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6 years ago#6
^Use a Death Knight instead of Dreadlord, you'll thank me later :)

Dreadlord sucks hard, Death Knight is the backbone of the entire undead army.

For the low level matchup, I honestly think it might be orc just because BM + SH is so strong. TC at level 1 is so bad I guess I would take Farseer as my third hero and use wolves for extra DPS plus more meat shields.

I don't really have any idea which race would be the best at 1/1/1 because it's not a situation you would ever see in a game. For a more practical example maybe you could ask which tri-hero is best at 4/3/1 or 3/3/1, I guess.

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6 years ago#7
Okay I'll have to try using the Death Knight. I usually just use Dread Lord because I dislike DK's skill where he sacrifices a unit to gain health. I know its useful when used in the right situations but I'm not skilled enough to micro him that well. xD
CoD:WaW username: Killionare
6 years ago#8
There aren't that many situations where you'd skill Death Pact anyway.

Typical progression is Coil/Aura/Coil/Aura/Coil, because they're both AMAZING.

There are a few reasons to pick a DK over a DL. First, Coil is your only real early game healing, and you're going to need it with all those Blademaster and Demon Hunters running around trying to be cute with their harass.

Second, Aura provides an awesome speed boost that is essential to the Undead army. With Unholy Aura, you can dart in quickly with hero nukes, deal damage where it's needed, and get back out. It allows you to chase down units, escape enemy units, get across the map faster, etc. It's just amazing.

The regen bonus you get from it is really important too, because otherwise Undead only regain health on blight.

Third, Dreadlord just really isn't good at anything. He's slower than the DK so a Blademaster or Demon Hunter with boots of speed will just right click him and he'll die. His aura is basically worthless, because the only unit in the Undead army that gains a noticeable benefit from it is Abominations, and those are rarely used at best. The only time when his aura is useful is Garg vs. Enemy Air fights.

His nuke is really terrible because it has a really low unit cap (5, IIRC) so it does crap damage, and sleep loses a LOT of its effectiveness against a player who can micro against it. He can sometimes be useful as a third hero if you can time sleep to interrupt an important heal or hex or something, but you'll generally get more mileage out of a dark ranger or something like that third.
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6 years ago#9
Hmm, so what tri-hero combo is the best at 10/10/10 if you can throw neutral heroes into the mix?
6 years ago#10
Still Human :p
I tried to Google Isai, but I didn't get any hits. -MaxedChic-
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