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This game's save point / game over system is archaic and broken. (Archived)
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i cannot for the life of me get to venomous pond (Archived)SyrinxMantra310/30/2010
UGH where the hell is that scan?! (Archived)solarisjedi610/29/2010
Just beat this for the first time and didn't die. (Archived)Stealth_Knight810/29/2010
need alot of help! (Archived)plainoldluis310/27/2010
Does anyone remember (Archived)TheGreenNinja210/26/2010
Charge Combos... (Archived)solarisjedi310/23/2010
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (Archived)Squalus7410/22/2010
Kinetic Orb Cannon is not a limited scan! New discovery! (Archived)avengah510/11/2010
For those still here... (Archived)Marioguy5610/6/2010
Corrupt a wish... Again! (Archived)
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I can't beat Emperor Ing (Archived)dragonmsster765510/5/2010
This game is... (Archived)CustomCreAZN810/1/2010
difficulty of this compare to metroid prime. (Archived)
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Dark Aether's energy (spoilers) (Archived)Macho_Toast39/27/2010
I didn't scan Amorbis 2... and I'm 94% complete... (Archived)BattleAxeRX109/25/2010
Why metroid prime 2 sucked compared to the other 2. (Archived)
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It was kind of weird how long it took me to perfom the screw attack... (Archived)BattleAxeRX59/22/2010
I just got **** blocked MP style :( (Archived)BigBlue4Life29/22/2010
How do I reopen a portal so that I can get the Dark Temple Key that I missed? (Archived)WarGunner39/20/2010