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StickyRead this first : over 100 questions answered ! *DON'T bump* (Sticky)
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Jamic772674/5 3:51PM
What should I do with Etna and my female Brawler? (new player)pandaBee99/11 3:49AM
Class equipment type (Archived)decayoflife39/3 9:57AM
Hello! (Archived)Zap_Rosdower97/27 10:25PM
I'm a fairly new player, and I'll probably have several questions here (Archived)
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Lord Loofiloo117/23 1:37AM
10 Member Party run (Archived)Futsuo37/22 1:42AM
Who said Rogues aren't good? (Archived)ZeroLifetream36/18 1:22AM
Hi and Baal (SPOILERS) (Archived)GodOfWolves36/16 10:50PM
Does it matter if I kill all enemies in the item world? (Archived)Lord Loofiloo26/15 10:05PM
How effective status effects are? (Archived)moud46/13 8:05PM
transmigration or new characters? (Archived)
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rathalos989145/6 1:54AM
You'd think you'd level up a lot from killing someone 50 levels higher than you (Archived)StarDragonJP24/25 1:58AM
Never played a disgaea, interested because of new game+... (Archived)rathalos98934/19 1:12PM
the normal ending was awful (Archived)trademark243/15 12:49PM
could you double specialists in the original? (Archived)trademark243/5 5:51PM
Do geo panel kills count as murders? (Archived)trademark223/5 1:04PM
Some tips before starting (Archived)
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Turbotails15163/3 3:54PM
Can all Monster classes be found in item world? (Archived)ubslucky33/1 3:52PM
tips for more bonus gage (Archived)Jak3_Kurt33/1 10:59AM
Will a knight cast all 3 elemental spells at random if she has them ? (Archived)Charmander7522/27 5:05AM
Shopkeeper replaced by a grave (Archived)tenchi198132/26 1:40PM