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Reincarnation and Counters/Movement (Archived)Theomniadept211/26/2013
Does multitargeting increase skill rank? (Archived)Theomniadept311/26/2013
Reusing Specialists for Leveling? (Archived)Pyrofiend17311/23/2013
Do I only want to keep rare and legend Items ? (Archived)Charmander75711/17/2013
Is there a code that makes specialist subdued ? (Archived)Charmander75211/11/2013
In the item world and the weapon i was in is gone how do i get it ? (Archived)Charmander75211/11/2013
Armsmaster: stat affects? (Archived)maguey68611/9/2013
I need help with this Item world thing !!! (Archived)Charmander751011/8/2013
Cave of Ordeals 3 help! (Archived)maguey68511/4/2013
Will monsters next rank be availible to class change into ? (Archived)Charmander75211/4/2013
Are good for nothing characters all that bad ? (Archived)Charmander75311/2/2013
Are scouts and rogues male or female ? (Archived)Charmander75211/1/2013
How to max out innocents? (Archived)maguey68510/30/2013
can't make male brawler? (Archived)Psycho Lu Bu210/27/2013
quick question (Archived)Zadios765310/27/2013
first legendary item (Archived)Psycho Lu Bu410/27/2013
Flonne was the worst part of the game *spoilers...kind of* (Archived)
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pupil question (Archived)kenshindono310/26/2013
Laharl has skill 'Fire'? (Archived)Psycho Lu Bu510/26/2013
Professional stupid question: Skill level and weapon skill level maximum? (Archived)Theomniadept310/25/2013
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