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regarding promotion and transmigrations(spoilers) (Archived)
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I'm almost 40 hours into the game... (minor spoilers) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Transmigration (Archived)franpa28/14/2012
Anyone have a vid of Laharl's epic scream? (Archived)Soul5928/6/2012
Decisions... (Archived)crunchy61287/23/2012
Names for my characters (Archived)WhiteFireDaemon97/21/2012
Somehow I got a Legendary Dream Hand. (Archived)Altimadark37/10/2012
etnas diary (Archived)Seraphinite47/2/2012
oh great am i accidentaly going to complete this game any more times? (Archived)NeilJWD46/25/2012
So I have a Legenday Longigus and Legendary Universal orb. (Archived)
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Got my LCB. (Archived)
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Minimum floor for specialist? (Archived)WhiteFireDaemon36/17/2012
On character creation, where should I dump bonus points? (Archived)NeilJWD96/16/2012
On Chapter 12, which is the most efficient way to grind? (Archived)ChronoCactaur46/14/2012
please answer, is story skipping safe? (Archived)NeilJWD46/13/2012
Fastest Way to Weapon Skill 255? (Archived)
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What do the status effects do??? (Archived)WebBowser46/9/2012
Is the Weapon Rank Chart 100% Correct? (Archived)
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How difficult is this game (Archived)NexusRay1856/3/2012
Is this unusual? (Archived)Zabin_King35/29/2012
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