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Stuck at 84.6% on Dark Palace of Waterfalls map (Archived)denpanosekai19/6 11:42AM
I give this board LIFE! (Archived)NS_Zell12/28 12:03AM
Now 4.99 (3.99 for + members) on PSN (Archived)NS_Zell411/10 12:53PM
Still a great game (Archived)NS_Zell310/13 5:27PM
Curry must be a really good healing item. (Archived)Alltra97/21/2014
Can't believe I have never played this (Archived)
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meth means death (Archived)the breadmaster13/22/2014
joachim glitch? (Archived)green_abobo12/22/2014
This now available on PSN for 9.99. (Archived)EraseRain311/8/2013
heeeeelp!!!!!!! (Archived)loucifer86911/3/2013
Playing it for the first time, getting ready for the PC release of LoS. (Archived)Detha18/20/2013
PSN Game Save (Archived)Adrien Light28/15/2013
Worth trying out? (Archived)screwmtv27/2/2013
Is the in-game music performed by a live orchestra? (Archived)MallyPureSmooth27/1/2013
Coming to PSN this Tuesday 6/18/13 (Archived)sonicfan1158976/30/2013
Ok I just killed the forgotten one with joachim and got the black orb..... (Archived)Andronicus8746/11/2013
Defeating The Forgotten One as Joachim..... (Archived)Andronicus8726/11/2013
was in Ghostly Theatre as Joachim sitting there thinking how am I... (Archived)Andronicus8716/10/2013
Will these PS2 'Vanias be part of PSN archives? (Archived)warzone21416/10/2013
Palace of Waterfalls - second game (spoilers) (Archived)LordDoombringer26/4/2013
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