white and black orbs

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7 years ago#1
how do i get the white and black orbs
7 years ago#2
The white orb is found in anti-souls mistery lab. In the room with the flame zombies and frost zombies there's a statue. You need to destroy the statue using the flame whip and the frost whip in order to proceed to the chamber behind it. In that chamber you will find the white orb.
The black orb is obtained after you beat the forgotten one (optional boss).
Unfortunately i don't even know how to enter the room were it's located. The door to the forgotten one is sealed by an enormous power but i don't know how to unseal it.
7 years ago#3
You need an item located somewhere in the last area (pagoda of something I think) to unseal that door.
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7 years ago#4

You need an item located somewhere in the last area (pagoda of something I think) to unseal that door.
the area is called pagoda of the misty moon

7 years ago#5

as for the frost whip i cant even get for the frost elemental i got to the part where i make my way up but i could never get up there and as for the balck orb i checked the whole area

7 years ago#6
Well the jumps are tricky there since I believe you need to do a series of double jumps plus whipping the railings to pull yourself up to the ice elemental boss area.

As for the black orb, you need to defeat the Forgotten One for that. And to access his room, you need the Unlock Jewel in the Pagoda of the Misty Moon area. The item is tricky to find because it's on a platform in of those rooms covered in almost total darkness. You basically have to blind jumps.
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7 years ago#7

hey this is off topic but how do i get the wolfs foot?

7 years ago#8
You'll have to check the faqs for that one because I can't remember lol.
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