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I liked this game (Archived)crazyisgood72/14/2012
Have you gotten everything in this game? (Archived)crazyisgood42/10/2012
What game would you suggest I play (Archived)crazyisgood21/19/2012
starting my second playthrough (Archived)crazyisgood11/19/2012
Should I play through as Jochaim? (Archived)crazyisgood21/13/2012
What other Castlevania games should I play (Archived)crazyisgood21/8/2012
How do you get the mediative Incense? (Archived)crazyisgood212/22/2011
How do you get to the upper area in the room with the Crystal (Archived)crazyisgood212/21/2011
How do you get to the Frost Elemental? (Archived)crazyisgood212/21/2011
Where can I get better armor than the Moonlight Plate (Archived)crazyisgood212/21/2011
Is there a way to get back down to B2 of the Dark Palace of the Waterfalls (Archived)crazyisgood212/21/2011
PAL Language Question (Archived)DarkAppletree412/20/2011
What is up with the room in the ghostly theatre where it sounds like a saw is (Archived)crazyisgood212/19/2011
Can I get Battle Tips for Joachim Armster (Archived)crazyisgood212/19/2011
trying to figure out where to go in the Ghostly Theatre? (Archived)crazyisgood212/19/2011
Which area is best for the Thunder Whip? (Archived)crazyisgood212/18/2011
in the garden of time with the two levers and statues of ladies with swords (Archived)crazyisgood212/18/2011
Did i glitch? (Archived)METALGEARNICK411/20/2011
first stage I went to after I got to choose was the Garden (Archived)crazyisgood310/26/2011
Is there a specific order to do the stages in? (Archived)crazyisgood810/21/2011
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