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I'm gonna keep this board alive, even if I have to do it singlehandedly
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uhohjonah3949/1 7:49AM
Looking back on this game makes me a little sad, honestly. (Archived)dS19MIFS48/5 8:04PM
Is anyone interested in playing this game through Dolphin's Netplay feature? (Archived)BlackLight75/27 4:12PM
Just bought this game (Archived)videogames75_555/24 3:23PM
Is there any possible way to play 10 minute rounds of City Trial? Action Replay? (Archived)mystman1244/29 11:05PM
Is it known you can fly over the invisible game block in city trial? (Archived)messhia_dark61/9 7:49PM
Did anyone else color-code the High Score list? (Archived)HylianFox112/14 11:46AM
Which One Would You Rather Have? (Poll)MetalGearRiki59/24 6:02PM
Who Else Loves This Game!?!?!?!!?!? (Archived)MetalGearRiki89/21 8:53AM
Can anyone get/make me a high resolution image of a Top Speed patch? (Archived)mystman1247/21/2014
Can somoene please edit an IOS to make city trial longer than 7 min?! =) (Archived)SaltySeaSlug57/11/2014
City Trial at night? (Archived)SmashBro2547/11/2014
I just got the game again! (Archived)MSCLover57/1/2014
A game that only uses the control stick and 'A' is still unbelievably amazing. (Archived)Muffinz0rz56/22/2014
Disc fails to spin (Archived)plasmawisp171325/21/2014
This game got so much hate on the media I never played it back in the day (Archived)RecursosHumanos64/20/2014
Not sure if this is known, but... (Archived)Darkrai9233/30/2014
Computer Question (Archived)elementos9322/20/2014
I got the weirdest urge to play this game today. (Archived)Seabutcher22/9/2014
The Wheelie Scooter Glitches (Archived)Pseudo_dino52/4/2014
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