Rucksack Upgrade...?

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User Info: BoneLoverGurl

9 years ago#1
I briefly looked through two guides, and neither one seemed to have a topic that stood out and said stuff about the rucksack.
And the two little squares that hold things can't be all that you get for the whole game. :-|
So my question(s):
Can you upgrade the rucksack?
If so, how?
And by how much?

Thank you in advance. :)

User Info: kricketine

9 years ago#2
You can upgrade the rucksack twice, much like your house (but not really.)
Go to the supermarket (where Karen lives) and go to the far right. There should be a counter with a backpack on it. Buy it for 3000G. (Now you'll have 5 slots)
Then, wait a week and go back to the supermarket. There should be another rucksack on the same counter, in the same place. Buy it for 5000G. You now have 9 slots total, including your hands.
Tadaaa! *gestures widely at nothing*
"Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to."

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