how do you eat stuff,,?

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8 years ago#1
umm.. how do u ewat suff...? lol
8 years ago#2
sorry for the spelling error. lol
8 years ago#3
also, if u dont mind.. can u put stuff elli likes and dont like? i wanna marry her. ^^
8 years ago#4
L + b = Eat edible items placed in your hand.

As for Elli's likes & dislikes, check my FAQ in section 15.2
Iím the best in the universe! Just remember! [F-zero X]
8 years ago#5
thanks so much! :)
8 years ago#6
Also, FYI since you're new to the game, you can put stuff in the shipping boxes 24/7/365 and collect eventually.

This post doesn't have enough the pillows in it, and the slide broke Mega Man's back.

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