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Where exactly did the inspiration for Classic Clash I/II/III come from? (Archived)slk_23111/27 9:55PM
List of random names offered on name entry screen (Archived)ADDiiCTd2HiiM110/14/2013
Is there a "perfect score" in the mini game <Wario's Sheriff> (Archived)nickkuh15/29/2013
This game is fun, but I mean come on. (Archived)VeryFunTimes112/17/2012
How far can you really go without cheating? (Archived)Bucket_Mouse111/27/2012
Wario's thumb wrestling? (Archived)ultradaved18/28/2012
how do i unlock pyro 2? (Archived)bemo816718/21/2012
What Do I do now .-. I unlocked Everything and have a high score on everything! (Archived)HELLWOLF0617/31/2012
Gameboy advance cable (Archived)tanooki8413/4/2012
Last minigame (Archived)Matirion21/13/2012
This game is a money saver! (Archived)flipzas51/4/2012
Easily my favorite ambassador title. (Archived)
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How many stages do i have to clear to get to 9volts games? (Archived)SMASHKING84312/17/2011
Love this game! (Archived)The President210/6/2011
This game is snooty. (Archived)Zero_Saber_X19/6/2011
3ds release? (Archived)Cat_667_18/27/2011
Does this game glitch up for anyone else when they get to Wario Bros? (spoilers) (Archived)slk_2316/4/2011
999 in "Tip the Scale" (Archived)Megaman Omega111/19/2010
SPOILER DONT READ ON FROM HERE! so in teh nature games category... (Archived)HELLWOLF0615/28/2010
Wario Ware! (Archived)wikigamer25/28/2010
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