Was this game cancelled?!

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User Info: mcjakeqcool

8 years ago#1
Was this game cancelled?! Damn, ok I can review it, and say I have the copy, but I still won't be able to add it to my collcection (I learned that the hard way.) but damn! They cancelled the whole game, why?! It was a 2 day port, I mean come on I've looked at the screenshots and the videos, I was dying to review it, then it was cancelled, whatever reason, If someone will cancell a game that could be sold, that's just cruel, but why the hell cancell a game that could of m,ade profits on two platforms. Please someone answer this. Infact was it cancelled, I think not it says on Wiki it was releaced in 2003, please someone clarfiy this.

User Info: lv54spacemonkey

8 years ago#2
It wasn't cancelled. It was only released in the US. Mostly because of the badass tax that would have been needed to be added for a UK release would have put it out of most gamers price range.
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User Info: kirbyparufo

8 years ago#3
It was only canceled in Europe.
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User Info: Nude_Dude

8 years ago#4
The game exists all right...it just wasn't shipped to Europe. If you want it so badly, hop on a plane to an American weekend and snatch it from a game store, or buy it the e-way.
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