New Features: Game Trivia, Achievement/Trophy Video Guides

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We are launching two new features today. The first is a completely new content type called Game Trivia. Game Trivia allows users to submit trivia, quotes, or connections for any game in our database. Trivia would be interesting information about the game that the average reader wouldn't know. Quotes would be interesting dialogue from characters within the game. Connections would be events or happenings within the game that tie that game to another piece of media.

Here is an example page:

We have also added a small module to the side navigation for the game that will highlight trivia for the game if there is any.

Game Trivia can be submitted from Contributor Central, which can be found by clicking the Contribute link in the top navigation.

The other new feature is video guides for Achievements and Trophies. We already allow for users to submit a video guide for a single Achievement or Trophy via YouTube link submission, but now these videos will actually appear inline with the Achievement/Trophy list for the game.

Here is an example page:

We hope you enjoy these new additions to the site!
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