Moving to AWS, Temporary Read-Only Mode Wednesday Morning

#1SBAllen(Admin)Posted 6/26/2012 10:13:19 AM
On Wednesday Morning, starting around 9:30AM Pacific Time, GameFAQs will begin transitioning from our current co-location home in California to "The Cloud", aka Amazon Web Services.

For us, this means that GameFAQs will be much easier to manage at the infrastructure level - it's much simpler to add and remove servers without having to deal with the physical hardware behind them, and we don't have to worry about the underlying technology. For you, you probably won't even notice the difference - after the transition, everything should run exactly the same as it does today.

Instead of taking the site completely offline during the move, we're planning to go into Read-Only mode for somewhere between one to three hours - you'll still be able to browse the site and read everything, but you won't be able to post messages, change settings, rate games, or log in if you're not logged in already. We'll update the home page of the site with additional information and let you know if things are going to take longer than we anticipated.
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