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GameFAQs is hiring! Looking for a Community Manager

#1SBAllen(Admin)Posted 2/7/2014 3:54:50 PM
GameFAQs is opening up our doors for a new part-time Community Manager position. We're hoping to hire from our community, so we're posting up our application here first before it goes up on the corporate website. The Community Manager would be helping with the day-to-day operations that keep the site up and running, which include quality control of user generated content submissions, administrative duties on the GameFAQs Message Boards, maintaining and updating GameFAQs social media pages, and closely interacting with the GameFAQs community through feedback channels and on the Message Boards.

For anyone interested, you can find all of the information about the job posting along with a form to upload your resume at the link below:

We look forward to growing our team and we'd love to have you on board!
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