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3 years ago#1
Should I get DiRT 2 or DiRT 3? I need someone that will be honest and not go towards the one they like better to tell me the pros and cons of each game please, cause I don't know. So tell me down below please.
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3 years ago#2
There both good. I think 3 takes the cake for me though with more rally, snow and rain, and night racing. Also the car selection seems to be a bit more varied.
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3 years ago#3
I also prefer Dirt3 because of the rally content. One difference to note between the two is that Dirt2's career has you buying and upgrading cars, while Dirt3 has you unlocking sponsors that give you a whole set of cars throughout various categories.

Dirt3's pros and cons assuming you get the new Complete Edition are;
- Gymkhana(a drifting mode that is occasionally required)
- only 1 Landrush buggy and truck
- no H-shifter/clutch support(on 360).
+ more rally cars, particularly older ones and WRC cars
+ 1 extra rally and rally-x environment
+ weather effects/snow environments
+ night racing in rally courses

Dirt2's positives and minuses are;
- Constant extreme sports atmosphere with tons of "dude" thrown around(also in 3, but toned down)
- only modern rally cars and 2 group B cars and the MK2 Escort
+ more Landrush and raid vehicles
+ better soundtrack(IMO of course)
+ probably cheaper
+ H shifter and clutch support(on 360)
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3 years ago#4
I've put about 40+ hours into Dirt 2 and about 5-6 in Dirt 3

From my impressions of Dirt 3. I think Dirt 2 has a better driving experience cars all seem to be a bit different. The rally tracks seem longer and more detailed. Dirt 2 has different types of cars that all feel very different.

Dirt 3 has stuff going for it the presentation seems better but it seems to be going more mainstream. Unlike Dirt 2 you always get flashbacks no matter the difficulty you pick. You always have 5 flashbacks. 30 second Gymkana track? 5 flashbacks brings the difficulty down a bit. Also online you get flashback type stuff it's a bit more forgiving which I'm not used to.

Up til now I prefer Dirt 2. I think Dirt 3 is going in a different direction. GYMKana stuff doesn't hold my attention. I don't mind the parking lot stuff but the GYMkana stuff is frustrating to me and I would prefer to be racing.
3 years ago#5

I haven't played Dirt 2, but I put around 20 hours in Dirt 3 so far, after I bought it a few days ago.

It's a lot of fun, especially multiplayer, can't go wrong with the game.

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