Confirmed:online pass required!

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User Info: naarmi

5 years ago#1
Why oh!oh why!oh why!

User Info: BradyQuinnD

5 years ago#2
Only if you buy a used copy right?
A fight to the death between zombies has a few inherent problems.

User Info: Squeeky

5 years ago#3
Does this only affect online play? Curious since I would only ever play offline.

User Info: GARahn07

5 years ago#4
If you buy it new you'll get a little piece of paper in the game case with a code redeeming online play...

User Info: zekere

5 years ago#5

But the ps3 store is still closed...

User Info: jennysalala

5 years ago#6
I don't think you need the Playstation store to use the code... it's an in-game code.

User Info: truesubzero

5 years ago#7
I think it will be a PSN store code.
I bought my copy of the game on Xbox 360 and it was an Xbox 360 marketplace code.
The code also gives you 5 exclusive cars and youtube video sharing.

User Info: jennysalala

5 years ago#8
I hope the store is up this week then. There are rumors that it'll be up on the 24th, which would really be nice.

User Info: Kartana

5 years ago#9
Is there a Trial for online play like in other games?

User Info: jdotmattinson

5 years ago#10
Is there a link? Is this an online pass, or a VIP code? Better question, what all can be done without the code. I will be renting this game (at first at least) and want to know what to expect.
PSN: Jdot-Mattinson
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