I love this game, Where can I get the theme song?

#1YaoiloverfeiPosted 3/12/2012 6:09:40 PM
I been playing this game none stop since I got it. I never thought I play a tales better than TOV but TOGF is finding new a place in my heart. I even love the battle dialogue at the end of battles. I find myself laughing at the jokes in the skits and battle dialogue and this game has showed me once again that tales games are amazing. I want more tales game to come to the U.S. Who agrees with me? In addition, does anyone know where I can download the theme song at the beginning?
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Look up BoA on iTunes maybe? Either that or you could buy her CD on playasia or something.
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Amazon link:



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Here you go.

Name of the Theme song is Mamoritai White Wishes by BoA

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