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3 years ago#1
So I went to gamestop after work today to get in my Tales pre-order. I did have an amazon pre-order but since there is no proof that we will get the dlc I decided that it was worth the 5 dollars in tax for the awesome costume and xmb dynamic theme.

Boy what a mistake that was.....

I went in and told the guy i wanted to pre-order a ps3 game. They guy perked up (they love them some pre-orders) and I told him I wanted to pre-order Tales of Graces F. Then his face completely changed. He first asked me if i was sure it was for the ps3 and then told me that he sold out of it. since doesn't see it in the system. I reminded him that it wasn't out yet and that I wanted to "pre-order it". He told me he was positive that the thing was sold out. Luckily there was a Tales poster in the store that showed the release date. I pointed it to him and then he said "ooops, my bad". He then asked me why I wanted to pre-order that, and asked if i was one of those types that liked naruto......

I was freak'n pissed at that point. I told him yes I wanted to pre-order it because it came with a pre-order bonus. I asked if the code was given to us when the game comes out or before and he just told me that the pre-order came with no bonuses. He then asked if I wanted to pre-order Mass Effect 3 instead (completely forgetting the entire row of mass effect 3 cases behind him). I told him I would love to get mass effect but I only had enough to buy this game for right now. I explained to him I would rather pre-order a game that has chances of selling out and being very hard to find and that I would rather purchase games like Mass Effect 3 on steam. The guy then said "ooh you're one of those pc gamers" and then began to tell me how things are so much easier on the 360 and all the great games I could pre-order on it instead....

Man I was at my limit, but I freak'n wanted the pre-order bonus, so I told him that no i wasn't interested in anything else and that if he didn't ring me up I would like to talk to a manager. The guy then shutup and did my transaction and then I walked out the store.....

What the hell???

I use to work gamestop and I use to work at small local import game shops back in the day (5-7 years ago). Where did all the gamer clerks go? Did they disappear....and whats with the attitude? I always knew my games, even stupid sports and kiddie games, I always wanted to help the customer find the game they would like, even ones I have no interest in. All these modern game clerks know is call of duty or gears or madden.... When did gamers become all BROS.....

This makes me sad...

What a horrible experience.
3 years ago#2
Ya the service is **** but to be fair they don't pay their employees enough or treat them well enough to care about the customers. And depending where you live the standard for customer service hasn't existed for at least 15 years.

Look on the bright side though, he might have been Douchebaggins from the Shire but at least he didn't glare at you for having the nerve to interrupt his magazine reading or community college homework.
3 years ago#3
And then you notice that your receipt says MASS EFFECT 3 PRE-ORDER.
Vesperia or Xillia?
3 years ago#4
So your butthurt because your had some bad luck and ran into a complete douchebag at gamestop? Not everybody is that way, at least nobody is where I'm from. I walked into my Eb games, said 'Hi I'd like to pre-order tales of graces f for the ps3' he then replied 'Would you like to put down 5 dollars or pay for the whole thing' I then told him I would pay for it all, I did and he handed my receipt and said have a good day.

The end.

Point is that you just had some bad luck and scored some douchebag, better luck next time dude. And if your really that outraged I'd just complain about the customer service to the manager the day you go pick the game up.
3 years ago#5
I worked at gamestop as an Assistant manager when I was in college ( that was like 6 years ago) and yeah the pay was crud, but you dont' do that even if you get paid badly....
3 years ago#6
byrc posted...
I worked at gamestop as an Assistant manager when I was in college ( that was like 6 years ago) and yeah the pay was crud, but you dont' do that even if you get paid badly....

You've obviously never lived in California bud.
3 years ago#7
Not so much the butthurt

I'm worried I won't get my pre-order bonus because they don't know what they're doing...

I don't know about you, but I care about my pre-order bonus....
3 years ago#8
Lol I worked at gamestop in westwood near ucla

So yeah I do live in california
3 years ago#9
Wow TC im not gonna lie. I was practically in stitches after reading that. Hope your pre order is all set. Im worried of that myself as my last pre order deal didn't go so well. Also I pre ordered before the bonuses were announced so room for error is there.
"Imagine the ****storm that would ensue if Nocturne was titled "Lucifer's Call" in the US like it was in Europe"LordFaust
3 years ago#10
Gosh this is why I hate game stores in America they expect you to pre-order every overrated horrible western title and they keep bugging you about it. I bet the game stores in Japan aren't like this.
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