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User Info: kenshin788

5 years ago#1
I just got my copy of the game I am gonna start playing now woot.



User Info: saint35

5 years ago#2
Congrats man. Hopefully you enjoy the game. I still gotta wait like a week or 6 days. =(
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User Info: Le_Derpstick

5 years ago#3
I hate you~

Congrats man. Hope you enjoy it.
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User Info: LegendarySkitch

5 years ago#4
I'll admit I'm jealous. How'd you get it early?
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User Info: ikilledkenny2

5 years ago#6
Any chance you could somehow record a few of the voices so we could hear what Pascal, Malik, etc sound like?

User Info: MangoPirate

5 years ago#7
I dislike you. Enjoy it man :D

User Info: cornett7

5 years ago#8
Yeah really some english voices and gameplay if you can would be nice :P
It's bad when you have voices in your head, It's worse when they happen to be smarter then you.

User Info: Cookie911

5 years ago#9

Could you post a picture of the back of the case if it's not to much to ask? :)

User Info: KNOX614

5 years ago#10
He won't be back for a while. He's busy playing :P
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