Suspicious powder and a magical mirror requests. Help?

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To clarify: I didn't say anything further about the Rare Metal, because I wasn't sure if it was even the right ingredient for the crest.

And sorry about the Magical Mirror. I forgot that I have two of them.

Golden Bough + Secret Seed = The Theory of Evolution

The Theory of Evolution + Common Metal = Magical Mirror


Golden Bough location: Shiny spots in Glacier Road

Golden Bough drops: Elder Treant (in Fodra.)


The Elder Treant also drops the Secret Seed if you don't already have one.

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Oh just to add on: rare metal is not a drop. its from a discovery location in fendel tower.
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Thanks for the replies. I just passed the warrior's roost, and have another continent to explore, so that would explain why I haven't come across any of these items.