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4 years ago#1
Do I have to be in Future Arc to find this place? I can't seem to be able to find it in the main game.
The coordinates that is listed is (X:-380 Y:130)
4 years ago#2
nope can be done in main arc
Zettttta slow
4 years ago#3
okay, the coordinates are listed in Lambda's cocoon right? or is there another coordinate, which I am not.. aware of.
4 years ago#4
You don't I found it by accident after getting the shuttle. It's on a island to the north west of strahta.
4 years ago#5
yeah, I am constantly spamming L1 on that island. but can't find it ~_~
4 years ago#6
I'm at work so I can't give you exact coordinates but I think its slightly to the right of the peak of the mountain.
4 years ago#7
On your shuttle, go to -381X, 129Y and you will find a new location

You need to have a title equipped that grants halved damage for damage over 1000, (One of the Paragon titles for Asbel);Do not attempt this sub-event without such a title!
When you walk towards the wreckage, there will be an event followed by a fight. The enemy won't attack you, but when it dies it detonates, and does the amount of damage you have life, so if you don't have a title on one party member that decreases damage, you will not live. Curry and other food that resurrects you after you die will not save you.

After the fight, you will get the item, Proof of Another World&;
You will also get an armour that only Sophie can use
You can turn in the Proof of Another World at the Sable Isoley Inn
GT/PSN- Sythierius
4 years ago#8
found it by the ice island, thanks though
4 years ago#9
I will warn you, expect to die. My suggestion if you can't survive, use an all-divide.
They shot a diamond made of iron at a car moving at 400 walls per hour-One of the dumbest sentences ever.
4 years ago#10

Do you know where I can get that title?
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